Opening Gala Evening

Friday, 23 October 2015

The Opening Gala Evening will be held at the Michael Oak Large Hall, 4 Marlow Road, Kenilworth. You will be able to enjoy performances by professional International and South African Oriental Dancers.

Tickets are R150.00 and are available at Computicket or contact

Food and beverages will be on sale at the venue.

Parking at the venue is limited as it is a residential area. The dancers will be able to park in the school grounds.
Patrons to the show should note the following:
  1. Parking in Marlow Rd is limited, and it will be most helpful if you drive from Gibson Rd up Abingdon Rd and then come down Marlow Rd so that it is treated as a one way road – this will help to avoid congestion.
  2. There is some parking in Sheerness Road and there is a gate that can be opened to allow for patrons to enter, but it will be closed when the performance begins for security reasons.
  3. There is plenty of parking below the station in Kenilworth Avenue which has a security guard.
PLEASE bring cushions as although it is a beautiful venue the chairs are very hard!

Our official photographer for the 2015 CIAD competition and Gala Evening is Jason Herman. Dancers wanting to order photos from the competition can contact him on Visit his website here to see more of his work!

NB: No fires/flames are allowed at the venue.


Dancers of the Desert Belly Dance Studio

10th IODF: Dancers of the DesertDancers of the Desert Belly Dance Studio is an innovative and exciting belly dance studio offering quality tuition in this ancient oriental art. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary in the industry in 2015, and continue to encourage our students to push outside their comfort zone to ensure they are always improving their training. We invite you to experience this graceful and beautiful art form and enjoy discovering a passion for something new.

HipNotize Bellydance Academy
Cape Town

10th IODF: HipNotizeHipNotize Bellydance Academy was formed in 2006 by Mandy & Simone. Over the years the academy has grown in numbers and in feminine strength and become home to over 100 girls and women. Whilst a blend of Turkish and Egyptian is their core style, the Academy is well known for delivering exciting fusion pieces. Both Mandy & Simone have attended workshops with renowned international bellydance legends like Jillina, Ansuya, Sharon Kihara, Tamalyn Dallal, Bozenka, Heather Aued and Donna Mejia to name a few. Their love and passion for bellydance has truly shaped the academy into something amazing. HipNotize took 9 awards at the 2015 MBDSA including Miss Junior Bellydance SA Title (for the second consecutive year), 1st place for Junior Prop, 1st place Junior Modern and 1st place for Adult Group Drum Solo. You can learn more about the academy on

Moon Goddess Dance Studio
10th IODF: MoonGoddess 2Namibia

Sascha is a cabaret and fusion style dancer from Namibia where she runs Moon Goddess Dance Studio. Her training in ballet, African, contemporary and belly dance allows her to explore the range of movement that links one style with another, thereby allowing a greater ability for story telling and emotional connection to the work she performs.

10th IODF Oriental EvolutionOriental Evolution

Oriental Evolution is a fusion Belly dance school situated in Langebaan on the West Coast. Teacher and choreographer Lynn-marie Burger. They will be performing a theatrical dance called Dragon Tamer, inspired by TV series games of Thrones.

Raqs Sharqi Dance Company

10th IODF: Raqs Sharqui Dance Company - MicahMicah has been dancing since the age of 11 when she joined Pietermaritzburg’s first belly dance studio, Raqs Sharqi Dance Company in 2003, founded by Anne Knowles. She has since taken numerous workshops and classes with world-renowned dancers, choreographers and musicians including travelling to Egypt and European festivals to expand her knowledge. In May 2015, she was crowned Miss Belly Dance South Africa 2015, the first tribal soloist to take the title!

Micah enjoys blending Middle Eastern and folkloric dance with contemporary movement and costumes and is often inspired by music, books, movies and life experiences.

Special Guest Performers

10th IODF: Eunsuk Hur -South KoreaEunsuk Hur

Guzel-Eunsuk Hur is an internationally acclaimed performer and instructor. Eunsuk Hur was born in Daegu, South Korea. She started Korean dance at the age of six. At the age of twenty she became a professional aerobics instructor and player in Sports aerobic. She has been awarded First place in the Single Aerobics Championship. She is also highly skilled in jazz, hip-hop and various other types of dances.

In 2001, Guzel start learning professional oriental dance. Guzel study many different oriental dance styles in various countries such as Japan, England, Russia, Turkey, Egypt and Germany. Currently she is the President of the Corporation of Korean Practical Dance Association and Director or Guzel Performance.

She has acquired a doctorate in Physical Education in South Korea. At the moment, she is also a professor in ballet and belly dancing in the Department of Physical Education at Yeungnam University.

Guzel has a dramatic style but technically, is very clean!

2009 – International Raks Sharqi Contest – first place
2012 – International Summer Bellydance Contest – 2nd place
2014 – Israel Desert Rose Festival Contest – 1st place
2015 Stuttgart Miss Belly Raks OTF Contest – 1st place.

Irina Shamira from Lithuania

Irina Shamira-Lithuania

Founder and head of the first Lithuania oriental dance school, “Orientalija” (since 2003), Irina was the first to start festivals in Lithuania and is the organizer of the annual oriental dance festival “Orientalis” since 2005.

Her first introduction to dance and oriental dance courses were taken in Lebanon in 1991. Since then Irina regularly participated in numerous festivals and events all over the world, some of which are: “Nile Group” Egypt, “Pyramida” Latvia, “Caravan” Latvia, “Orientica” by Belyssa, “Oriental Bazar” Germany, Denmark, Russia and Ukraine. She participated as a judge, teacher, dancer and student.

“I fell in love with Oriental dance so much I quit my office job and my stable career to dance, create and teach. The results were amazing – I developed a number of great teachers who work in both their own and my studios, I am proud of creating Oriental dance play “Arabia” that was performed in different theatres in Lithuania and of establishing the first and only Oriental Dance Academy which has been operating for two years now and educates new Oriental dance teachers. I have participated in numerous TV shows and projects as a soloist and also with my students representing the beauty of Oriental dance Art to audiences all over my country.  After 13 years of teaching every day, I discovered several ways and methods to help each student, no matter their background, to reveal femininity, sensuality and grace through Oriental dance.”

Pili Rubi

Pipi Rubi- ArgentinaDancer and teacher specializing in Oriental Dance, Belly Dance and Bollywood Dance (From India).She started studying when she was 9 years old learning Classical Ballet, and after that she started Theatre at the age of 11 years. In 2009 she travelled to Egypt to perfect her style with the Master of Belly Dance, Mahmoud Reda. She graduated from Saida Helou´s School of Bellydance in Argentina in 2011.

In January 2012 she was recruited by the prestigious dancer Jillina Carlano to be part of her company, “Bellydance Evolution” in Los Angeles, in “The Dark side of the Crown” show.

From 2011 she dedicated herself exclusively to Bollywood Dance rather than the Classical, Folkloric and Modern Dances from India. She studied with the most recognized teachers from Argentina and Latinoamérica. At the same time, she travelled to Madrid to Learn with Sneha Mistri (from India) where she was invited to dance in “Bolly Madrid”, the greatest Bollywood Dance show in Europe.

In 2013 she produced and made the first Bollywood video clip in Argentina, being the choreographer and the producer.

Nowadays she is specializing in Bharatanatyam, Odissi, Kuchipudi and Kathak style, offering workshops and teaching all around the world. She has her own school in Buenos Aires “Pili Rubi Bollywood Dance School” and her own dance company “Pili Rubi Company Dance”.

She travel all around the world to both perfect her own technique, and to offer workshops in Bollywood dancing supported by the Indian Embassy from Argentina.


Artemis-caneWhile living in Greece for several years, Artemis discovered her affection for Oriental Dance and folklore. Back in Germany and inspired by cultural experiences, she started studying the Egyptian style of bellydance. She continued her training in oriental dance as well as flamenco by attending courses with both national and international dancers.

Artemis says: “I possess a high knowledge of dance in theory as well as in practice. The joy and passion I feel for dancing and teaching is transfused to my students. Creativity, interesting and didactical classes are only a few of the reasons why my courses are so popular and well booked.”
Her favourite styles are Classical Egyptian Style, Raks Sharky and Baladi, as well as fantasy and fusion performances. Artemis is an international and popular dancer and workshop instructor with many years’ experience. She has already performed in countries such as Canada, Israel, South Africa, Egypt/Cairo, Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, Serbia and Mallorca.

Artemis is the organiser of annual International Oriental Dance Festival in Stuttgart in Germany:

Belly Dance: International Oriental Dance FestivalAndrea Fernandez

Information to follow…

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International Oriental (Belly Dancing) Festival

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10th IODF 2015 Michael Oak Large Hall

10th International Oriental Dance Festival: Opening Gala Evening
Michael Oak Large Hall, 4 Marlow Road,Kenilworth,Cape Town
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