V&A Waterfront Indemnity Form

The V&A Waterfront needs each person performing at the Fringe Programme to sign an indemnity form this year. New management, etc. Please download, print and sign the form below. For groups, please forward to each of your dancers to sign, and bring all signed forms along on Saturday and hand them to Yolanda Meyer from Palace of the Winds. There will be an information area just behind the stalls where she will be. She has already asked if we can do one form per school, but unfortunately their legal department needs one form per dancer. NB: No e-mailed indeminity forms … Continue reading


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Here are some video clips to enjoy: … Continue reading

What is Palace of the Winds?

Vision and Mission: The Oriental Dance Theatre has a compelling vision and mission – to advance the true art of Oriental Dance in its various forms – Classical Oriental ( Belly ) Dancing, Folk and Gypsy Dancing from various Oriental and Balkan countries, Modern Oriental Dance and Fusion Dances. The founder’s vision: “By forming The Belly Dance Theatre I would like to connect a wide range of people across the entire social spectrum in Cape Town through the art of dancing. Through involvement in The Belly Dance Theatre participants will be educated in the culture and dance of oriental, near-eastern … Continue reading

Who is Ajsa Samia?

Ajsa Samia (Marina Rehbein) has been an international Oriental dancer, teacher and choreographer for over 15 years. Ajsa Samia was born in Pirot, Serbia (ex Yugoslavia), where she also danced for a folk dance troupe as a child and teenager. At the age of 26 she moved to Germany where she was for 10 years the sole owner of the Oriental Dancing Studio Palas der Winde, as well worked as a medical nurse. In September 2004 she and her family moved to Cape Town, South Africa. (“I can not do anything against my Gypsy blood…..dancing, travel, moving…..”) Here, Ajsa Samia’s … Continue reading