What is Palace of the Winds?

Palace of the Winds

Vision and Mission:

The Oriental Dance Theatre has a compelling vision and mission – to advance the true art of Oriental Dance in its various forms – Classical Oriental ( Belly ) Dancing, Folk and Gypsy Dancing from various Oriental and Balkan countries, Modern Oriental Dance and Fusion Dances.

The founder’s vision:

“By forming The Belly Dance Theatre I would like to connect a wide range of people across the entire social spectrum in Cape Town through the art of dancing. Through involvement in The Belly Dance Theatre participants will be educated in the culture and dance of oriental, near-eastern and Balkan countries. Participants of all ages will practice this dance form as either recreational dance, aesthetic dance, fitness and toning routine, amateur performance at festivals and celebrations or professional appearances in theatrical productions and restaurants.

Women of various backgrounds and age groups will be introduced to one another in a relaxing, sociable setting that does not require any skills at the introductory level and allows for development of the individual at her own pace. Through the dance women will accept, appreciate and value themselves in an environment that belies the stereotypical image of women that is current in modern consumer society.”

Oriental Dance Theatre is registered as a Non-Profit Organisation NPO 052-395.

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