Who is Ajsa Samia?

Ajsa Samia

Ajsa Samia

Ajsa Samia (Marina Rehbein) has been an international Oriental dancer, teacher and choreographer for over 15 years.

Ajsa Samia was born in Pirot, Serbia (ex Yugoslavia), where she also danced for a folk dance troupe as a child and teenager.

At the age of 26 she moved to Germany where she was for 10 years the sole owner of the Oriental Dancing Studio Palas der Winde, as well worked as a medical nurse.

In September 2004 she and her family moved to Cape Town, South Africa.

(“I can not do anything against my Gypsy blood…..dancing, travel, moving…..”)

Here, Ajsa Samia’s International Oriental Dancing Schools in Cape Town, provide instruction from beginner to professional level in Classical Oriental Dancing, Folk and Gypsy Dancing from various Oriental and Balkan countries, Modern Oriental Dance, Arabic-Flamenco and Fusion Dances. Ajsa Samia also gives certified teachers training.

Ajsa Samia is the director of the Oriental Dance Theatre, the Palace of the Winds, registered as a non-profit organisation (NPO 052-395). The Palace of the Winds is the most professional and most famous belly dancing group in South Africa, performing nationally and interantionally.

Ajsa Samia is the founder of first and only Belly Dance Magazine  in Southern Africa, called rakSAfrica.

Ajsa Samia and Palace of the Winds are the initiators and organizers of the annual International Oriental Dance Festival in South Africa. The Festival is a charity event in aid of The Saartjie Baartman Centre for (abused) Women and Children in Athlone/Cape Town.

Ajsa Samia has performed and taught at different International Festivals as well as International Shows:

  • Orient Magazine Festival / Germany
  • Orienta in Frankfurt / Gemany
  • Orientalisimo Gala in Frankenthal/ Germany
  • International Show in Souss/ Tunisia
  • International Oriental Dance Festival Cape Town/ South Africa
  • Oriental Shows in Windhoek / Namibia
  • Oriental Shows in Zanzibar/ Tanzania
  • Oriental Festival Stuttgart International / Germany
  • OrisSwiss International Festival in Zuchwil / Switzerland
  • World Dance Congress- master class in Riga/Latvia
  • Bovaria Festival in Regensburg /Germany
  • Fantasia Festival in London/UK ( won 3rd place at the competition)
  • Los Angeles Belly Dance Academy – USA
  • Association Latifa Saadi – Reunion Island
  • Arabian High Tee Show- Utrecht- Nederland

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